If you are looking to purchase products, then you have definitely come to the right place. Alietc is a veritable “Aladdin’s Cave” of just about every product or raw material you could imagine, and many that you may not have even known existed.
As a digital B2B marketplace, Alietc has been designed to introduce buyers to suppliers and manufacturers of products at an attractive price while paving the grounds for better business deals.
Through extensive use of targeted SEO practices, we have created a unique B2B digital marketplace that does not just have products for sale at seller’s fixed prices or buyers’ quote prices, but it also encourages direct negotiations between buyers and sellers to expand their business relationship.

What do you need to do?

- Sign up to Alietc and create your profile!
- On your dashboard, there are sections including Wishlist (to save your favorite products and desired suppliers), Reviews (to leave your reviews on the quality of products and performance of a supplier), Messages, My Requested Quotes, and Post RFQ.
- If you want to place a bid (RFQ) or add a product purchase request, go straight to post RFQ and leave your quote. If it’s approved by the manufacturers/Suppliers, you will be able to negotiate with them.

Start buying!
Once you have signed up to Alietc, you are set to begin your search. This can be done one of three ways:

Search and contact suppliers. You can use our powerful search engine to find manufacturers or suppliers of the product(s) you are looking for and contact suppliers for free.

Place bids/ Post RFQs. You can place a bid on any products that are listed for sale on the Alietc platform. Go to "Post RFQ" and enter essential information: Request for Quote, Supplier Capability, along with Shipping and Payment. You need to fill in all the required fields from product name to category and quantity (denoted with an asterisk). As the most important stage of your purchase, you are recommended to enter necessary details to enjoy a good buying experience.

A Product Purchase Request. You can place a product request, in which you make it clear what product(s) you are looking to buy and what you are prepared to pay for it (them) – any supplier/manufacturer who can supply the product(s) you are looking for will receive instant notification of your product request and will then make contact if the price you are looking to pay is of interest to them.

If you still have any questions—
Fill out the Contact Form on Alietc. We will respond promptly.

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