Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions 

Welcome to ALIETC: a global platform in e-commerce and online trading. These Terms and Conditions describe applicable regulations to your access and use of the website, mobile site and other portals and webspace operated and owned by ALIETC.com. In order to fully register and use our customer services, you are required to agree to the following. 

Application and Acceptance of Terms

By agreeing to our Terms of Use, you are subject to the Terms and Conditions contained and described in this document and the Privacy Policy. This document and other rules and policies are collectively referred to as the ‘Terms’. By registering and using any of the site’s features and services, you agree to accept and operate in accordance with all of the Terms.

By registering, it is assumed that you have carefully read through the document and practically consented to ALIETC terms and conditions. 


• As a user, you are required to provide ALIETC with certain information when you register. You pledge that you enter accurate and complete details of yourself. If ALIETC ensures, or even suspects, that your registration information is incorrect, ALIETC will be obliged to suspend or cancel your access to the products and services. Users, at any time, can modify and update their personal data.
• The user is bound to use contact details of other users merely for commercial purposes, examination of products and trading. ALIETC is not responsible for abuse of users’ information. Neither is ALIETC responsible for any inaccurate contact information. However, it is obliged to update accurate details when accessible.
• The user acknowledges that he/she registers as a user or member to willingly use the services and products. ALIETC does not compel any user to do so and it is users’ full authority to choose services.
• The user is merely responsible for the content he/she provides on ALIETC; i.e., ALIETC won’t be held accountable for all the content that you post, upload and communicate via emails or other tools. (Content includes all the information created in different formats: texts, images, links, audios, animations or videos among others). In fact, ALIETC neither approves nor rejects the content presented by its users. ALIETC will, by no means, be accountable for any content provided by a user or third party. Neither will it be liable for any error in or loss and damage to the content provided by the users via ALIETC Portal.
• The user is required to open an account to use specific features or services offered on the website. However, you are held responsible to save your account info and maintain confidentiality. If you fail to keep your identity information safe and confidential, you will be liable. You are responsible to protect your password and account info. Alietc, by no means, will be responsible for any loss or damage to your personal data.
• The user must instantly notify Alietc team if any personal account is illegally used. If your password security is breached, inform the team immediately.
• ALIETC stays away from all types of transaction and neither approves nor supervises them. When you, as a buyer, get into chatting with a supplier, Alietc is excluded from your territory and, under no circumstances, ALIETC is responsible for any deals made between the two parties. For this purpose, we oblige you to deal with the right person to avoid any potential problems in the future.
• ALETC does not, under any circumstances, take part in any contract between the user and customer found through our online system.
• ALIETC reserves the right to terminate or suspend your access to services if you don’t comply with the terms and conditions. This might happen with or without any notice. Furthermore, your access to the services and products will be ended up if ALIETC ensures that your conduct harms ALIETC, other users, its affiliates and contractors. Accordingly, any conduct that infringes local or international regulations will lead to termination of your account.

Age Restrictions: 

Access and use of ALIETC.com services, features, software and products through our sites are strictly restricted to persons of legal age and above. Your legal age must be declared to form a binding contract with our services.

Those who register with our service under the legal age are not permitted to receive any services under international law. Any persons found to make false claims regarding their legal age will qualify for immediate removal of the site and instant restriction from their account.

Transactions Between Buyers and Sellers: 

ALIETC.com provides electronic online platforms for exchanging information, buying and selling, and transactions. Users are able to manage, accept, place and conclude orders and provision of products.

ALIETC.com does not control or is held liable or responsible for the sellers or buyer’s inability to complete the purchase. Neither is ALIETC.com responsible for the safety, legality, or availability of the products or services exchanged on its platform.


ALIETC.com may make changes and amendments to its Terms and Privacy Policy at any time by posting the relevant changes and updates on their Terms of Service and Site Information. By continuing to access the service after that time, you agree to the amended and updated information. All amended and updated information will apply to you once published in the Terms and Conditions and Site Information.

Members Must:

Conduct activities in compliance with site regulations and applicable laws

Conduct business transactions in good faith

Provide accurate identity information

Not use the site to defraud any persons

Not engage in Spamming or Phishing

Not involve themselves in activities or schemes which undermine the integrity of the data, systems or networks used by ALIETC.com

Not involve computer viruses or other destructive software

Not engage in any unlawful activity, such as copying, reproducing or exploiting any aspect of ALIETC.com service

• Our Terms and Conditions apply to all users of the site.
• Your acceptance of terms and compliance with the privacy rights are needed before registration and use of services and products.
• Users are able to close their accounts when they feel like it.
• The company can, too, terminate accounts of those users who have not used their accounts for a long time.
• The latest update of the terms will be applicable, regardless of the date the user has logged in for the first time. 

If you have any questions regarding our Policy Statement or Terms and Conditions, please do contact us anytime.